Friday, January 11, 2008

More Water Cooler Leak Solutions

Ok, so changing the bottle didn't solve your leaky water cooler! Let's go thru some of the other possibilities.....
First you have to differentiate between water coolers and dispensers made in Asia and bottled and bottleless water coolers made in North America, such as those available from Aquaverve. Products made in Asia often do not have easily serviceable parts. These coolers would be classified as "disposable". They come with warranties - but try to find someone to service a cooler or supply parts! Its is impossible. Alternatively, you can spend a bit more money and get a much higher quality water cooler or water dispenser and significantly greater reliability including a real 5 year warranty on the refrigeration system.
So here are some reference points on leak resolutions on a quality water cooler like the S2 or Cima.

1. Faucet Leaks - We often here of faucet leaks. These can be very simple to solve. Typically the cause of the problem is a loose faucet. This can occur during transit. To resolve - simply rotate the entire faucet clockwise one full turn. DO NOT use any tools on the faucets - only hand tighten. If the faucet will not turn a full 360 degrees than this is probably not your problem.

If tightening the faucet is not your answer....
Inside most common water cooler faucets is a silicone plug valve. Over time the silicone has a tendency to dry out and does not seal effectively. You can typically replace the entire faucet by rotating the faucet counterclockwise to remove and clockwise to tighten. Aquaverve sells safety faucets and standard faucets form most water coolers and water dispensers including bottleless units. You can order them from Aquaverve online.

The third common faucet problem is a gasket seal problem on the connection post. This seal basically seats against the cooler cabinet and the facet flange in order to provide an effective seal. If this rubber or silicone gasket dries out or is otherwise damaged than you may not be getting a good seal and you are going to see leaks. Solutions vary, on some coolers it can be very difficult to access the gasket. On an Aquaverve cooler this is typically and easy replacement.

Sometimes the faucet isn't the problem....
Stay tuned....
Let us know if you have any specific problems!

How to diagnose a leak in your water cooler or water dispenser

We see this question all the time.... My water cooler or water dispenser is leaking - what do I do? Aquaverve, one of the premiere water cooler retailers offered us a simple checklist for your reference.

First, 95% of all water cooler leaks are caused by the water bottle. The water bottle is reused many times and often handled roughly. This causes tiny pinholes or cracks in the plastic. Typically these cracks do not leak water while the bottle is stored, but once inverted onto the cooler the crack or pinhole will allow air to enter the bottle. The water level may be at the top, middle, or bottom when this happens - depends where the crack is and other bottle stress. Once air can enter the water bottle the water level in the cooler reservoir will never achieve equilibrium with the water level in the bottle. Accordingly the bottle will continue to fill the cooler until the cooler overflows either from the top or inside the cabinet - depending on the cooler construction. The water flow will not stop until the bottle is empty!

Solution? Simple - replace the bottle with a new one! This should be your first move in the event of a leak.

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Thanks to Aquaverve for supplying this info! They have lots of other info at Aquaverve Articles.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Aquaverve features the most attractive water coolers and water dipsensers

A recent review of the best bottled water coolers and water dispensers in the market showed that Aquaverve's offerings were the most attractive water coolers available. For example the S2 Stainless Steel water cooler pictured here is unlike anything else available - particularly the bottled water cooler matching cover.